Friday, September 12, 2008

Tichy Eissalon

Tichy Eissalon

When I ask people in Vienna about their favorite eissalon (ice cream parlor), Tichy is almost always mentioned. Sometimes the statement is along the lines of, "People say Tichy is the best, but I prefer...", but often it's named as one of the top three eissalons in Vienna. I visited Tichy once several years ago and didn't think it was any better than some of the other eissalons I had visited. However, I'm pretty sure they had ice cream parlor chairs there and I haven't seen ice cream parlor chairs at any other eissalon. I'll have to go inside and check it out the next time I'm in the neighborhood (which is a long ways from my neighborhood). Maybe I'll try their ice cream as well. Like most eissalons, Tichy closes sometime during the fall and doesn't reopen until spring.


Elaine said...

I loved Tichy! By the way, your pix are great.

Alisha said...

This place seems to be a favorite among former-Vienna Studies students. :)

Kristeee said...

My favorite was at Schwedenplatz. Their fresh coconut combined with their strawberry is amazing.